Reclining sofa buying guide

A reclining sofa is a great alternative to a standard sectional sleeper sofa, sleeper sofa or loveseat. Regardless of whether you are looking for a budget-friendly option or do not mind paying a bit more for a electric-powered reclining sofa or leather reclining sofa, there are some general things to consider before you make a purchase decision. This article will support you on your journey to find the best reclining sofa for your needs.

Topics in this article:

A reclining sofa has a mechanism that allows the back of the sofa to lean back and a footrest to pop out. Reclining sofas are available in all kind of styles and sizes, from loveseat to three-seater and up to reclining sectional sofa, to best fit the available space and decor. Before buying reclining sofa sets you should take several things into account, like the upholstery, color or construction.

What upholstery is right for your reclining sofa?
leather reclining sofa
Leather reclining sofa

The right upholstery depends on your living situation and usage. Do you have kids or pets that sit on the recliner? If so, you might want to choose a durable fabric, like microfiber, that is stain-resistant and somewhat water repellent. A reclining leather sofa is also durable, however usually more expensive. Besides, leather recliners like all leather furniture require special maintenance and care and are more prone to scratches. On the upside, a leather couch adds elegance to every room. If you do not want to spend that much for a leather reclining sofa a good compromise could be a faux leather reclining sofa, which has most of the positive characteristics of leather couches at a price-point of microfiber.

What color to go for?

The right color depends on three things: personal preference, usage/living situation and existing decorative style of the room. Personal preference is definitely the most important one among the three. Since reclining sofa sets come in a variety of colors it should not be a problem to find a color you like tough. As with the upholstery, you should go for a color that hides dirt and stains better if you have kids or pets. A good choice would be a black, brown or dark blue sofa. But make sure, the color fits to the existing decorative style of the room. If you only have black or brown furniture a white reclining sofa might look a little odd.

Does the recliner fit in your room?

You really want to make sure that the reclining sofa fits into the room. There is nothing more annoying than buying a great sofa to then realize that you overestimated the available space. So always measure before you buy. And allow for extra space both behind and in front of the sofa to fully recline the sofa! In general you can choose between three different sizes for reclining sofas.

A loveseat has the optimal size to sit two people. Most likely a loveseat reclining sofa has individual cushions instead of one long cushion but does not have an armrest in the middle, although there are some that do have one. A loveseat is perfect for small rooms and apartments with limited space.

A three-seater reclining sofa, as the name suggests, is designed to sit three people. As such it requires more space than a loveseat. There are three-seaters with and without armrests. The letters are long enough to be used as a bed for overnight guests. Therefore, three-seater recliners are a good alternative to sleeper sofas. Before you buy a three-seater reclining sofa make sure to check if all three seats recline or just the outer two seats.

reclining sectional sofa
Reclining sectional sofa

A reclining sectional sofa is perfect for bigger rooms or larger families. Reclining sectionals are available in either an L- or U-shape and fit into a corner or against a wall with one site to the middle of the room. There are some models that have multiple reclining sections while others have one side as a recliner and the other as a lounge. If you prefer leather and also want to use the sofa as a bed for overnight guests: There are also leather sectionals available that have enough space to be used as an alternative to a leather sofa bed.

What features do you need?
recliner with gadgets
Recliner with power headrests, hidden LED lights and cup holders

Before you buy a reclining sofa make sure to decide what features are important to you. Depending on the features a reclining sofa can become quite expensive and not every feature is really necessary. Always take your own user behavior into account and balance pros and cons of each additional feature. Take for example the reclining mechanism: Budget-friendly reclining sofa sets have manual levers, while a more expensive power reclining sofa reclines up and down with the press of a button. While a power reclining sofa may seem ideal, do not forget that it requires a nearby plug to function, thus limiting your furniture arrangement choices. Other features include heating and massage options for the ultimate relaxation, a center console with cup-holders, drop-down tables or extra storage room inside the center console or sofa’s arms to store your remote controls or other important items.

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