Your leather sofa bed buying guide

In general, a sofa bed or sleeper sofa adds a little extra flexibility to your home. It works well in spare rooms and living rooms or as a permanent alternative to a regular bed. Sleeper sofas with leather add elegance to every room. Besides, leather is durable and easy to clean and maintain. Leather is warm in the winter and cold in the summer making it the perfect material for all seasons. In this article we will give an overview of the different types of leather sleeper sofas and provide tips to find the best leather sofa bed for your needs.

Topics in this article:

A leather sofa bed is a regular leather couch with the additional functionality to turn the sofa into a sleeper. Like any leather furniture a sofa bed leather gives your room an elegant and inviting look. Although leather couches tend to be a bit more expensive than a fabric cover like microfiber you can still find inexpensive leather sofa beds if you know where to look. Following the tips in this article will help to ensure that the purchase will be satisfying and add style and comfort to your home.

What types of leather sleeper sofas are available?

Leather sofa beds mainly differ in four areas: the folding mechanism, the type of leather, the color and the type of mattress.

leather sofa bed with adjustable armrests
Leather sofa bed with adjustable armrests

You will find different folding mechanisms for sleeper sofas. Most leather sofa beds will have a mattress that is folded up inside the sofa frame. Other sleeper sofas unfold by lowering the back and arms to create a sleep surface. Always test the folding mechanism yourself and make sure you can easily open and close the sleeper sofa.

The price of a leather sofa sleeper can vary heavily based on the type of leather used to upholster the sofa. Aniline and semi-aniline leather are high-quality leathers that are very durable, though also quite expensive and prone to scratches. Nappa leather is perfect for sleeper sofas since it is very soft and durable, so is nubuck leather. Faux leather looks like real leather and is less expensive but usually also less durable.

white leather sofa bed
White leather sofa bed

A leather sofa bed is also available in different colors. The most popular ones are a brown leather sofa, a black leather sofa bed or a white leather sofa bed. However, you can also find leather sofa beds in red or even green. What color to choose depends on the existing décor of the room.

Sofa beds come with different types of mattresses. Slimmer mattresses are designed for occasional use while thicker mattresses made of memory foam or spring are made for regular use and are more durable and less susceptible to wear and tear. You can also find a leather futon sofa bed if you prefer this type of mattress.

What to consider before buying a leather sofa bed?
Queen sofa sleeper
Queen sofa sleeper

There are some things to consider before you make a purchase decision. First, how much do you want to spend? Make sure to set a budget and stick to it. Prices for leather couches can range from a few hundred dollars for a leather sofa bed Ikea to 5000 dollars and more so it is important to know upfront how much you can afford to spend. Second, determine how often the sofa bed will be used. Consider both the usage of the mattress as well as the usage of the leather sofa bed as a regular sofa. If the primary purpose is to use it as a regular sofa make sure the leather is able to weather the wear and tear of lots of use. Similarly, if it will be used primarily as a sleeper you want to make sure it has a thicker mattress made of memory foam or sprung. Third, determine how much space you will have for your leather sofa bed. Make sure it fits into your room when it is fully opened out. If you use the sleeper function on a more frequent basis you definitely want to check that you do not have to rearrange other furniture all the time you are using it.

How to measure for a sleeper sofa?

A leather sofa bed comes in different sizes. Whether you are buying a loveseat, leather recliners or leather sectionals with a sleeper function you should always make sure the leather sofa bed fits perfectly into the room. To determine what size is right for your room we suggest making a template from newspaper or using masking tape to mark out the amount of space it will need. Also consider the other pieces you need to fit in it alongside your sofa bed. Make sure to have the exact measures ready once you are in the store or shop online to assure that the available space matches the dimensions of the sofa.

How to clean and maintain a leather sofa bed?

Cleaning leather furniture is rather easy. Nevertheless, if you are not doing it on a regular basis your leather sofa bed will not last long. Here are some things you should keep in mind:

  • Beware of direct sun exposure and heaters, both can dry out and stain the leather.
  • Wipe down your leather sofa bed with a soft cotton cloth at least once a week to wipe off the dust. Repeat the procedure with a slightly wet cloth once a month.
  • Never use aggressive detergents to clean the leather couch. They can cause irreparable damage.
  • While cleaning the sofa keep in mind that gentler is always better. Small stains can be brushed away using a brush with soft bristles. Do not rub. Rubbing can cause glossy spots. Water stains should be removed immediately using a soft cloth.
  • When in doubt always contact a professional.

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