5 tips to create a beautiful interior design with leather sectionals

Leather sectionals are a great option if you are looking for a way to give your living room a cozy touch. They are very popular and can easily accommodate several people. Given their size you can both sit and lie on them and as such they are a good alternative to a sleeper sofa or leather sofa bed. When chosen with care they can become the highlight of your living room and the most popular place in the house for the whole family. In this article we will give you tips on how to accomplish that.

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The popularity of leather sectionals can be a blessing or curse. The wide variety of styles, designs, colors and upholstery can make the purchase decision quite tough and time-consuming. However, since leather furniture is quite expensive you definitely want to take your time to make the right choice. With the tips in this article you will be prepared to pick the right leather sectional to create a beautiful interior design.

Tip 1: The right shape and size
l-shaped leather sectionals
L-shaped leather sectionals

Leather sectionals typically come in an L-shape form. However, leather couches are also available in an U-shape or semi-circular shape. You can also find modular sectionals that allow you to reconfigure the sofa. However, make sure the sofa passes the “room fit” check. A lot of leather sectionals look pretty nice on pictures or in the store but simply do not fit in your living room. Leather sectionals require a lot of space and you want to make sure that there is still enough room for other furniture. If the sectional is too big small rooms can appear overwhelming. Thus, it is important to measure both the area where you want to put the leather couch and the leather couch itself. Make sure that there is still enough room to walk around. When in doubt, rather go for smaller leather sectionals.

Tip 2: The right upholstery and materials

The first thing to decide when it comes to upholstery and materials is whether you would like to go for real or faux leather. The latter is cheaper and animal friendly while real leather ages well and looks more expensive (because it is). Our recommendation would be to always test the sectional by sitting on it and to make your decision based on comfort (and of course your budget).

If you decide to buy a real leather sectional you can choose between different types of leather. Aniline leather and semi-aniline leather have a more natural look and age well but require more care and maintenance than other types of leather. If you have kids or pets or want to use the couch as a sectional sleeper sofa, nappa leather might be a better choice. Nappa leather is very soft and durable. Other types of leather are nubuck and suede leather. Both types are rough leathers that feel warm and soft.

When you make your decision regarding the material make sure it matches to the material of the existing furniture.

Tip 3: The right color
beige leather sectional
Beige leather sectional

Colors have a big influence on the atmosphere of a room. Warm colors like soft red, yellow or natural tones give your room a cozy atmosphere. Bold and loud colors are great for larger rooms. To play safe buy a brown leather sofa. Like grey or beige, brown works fine in almost every surrounding. A blue sofa might also do the job. If you want to add a little bit more elegance to your room white leather sectionals are a good choice. But as always, make sure to match the color of the leather sectional to the color of the existing furniture. In case you want to build your living room around your sectional keep in mind that certain colors like white might limit you in your choices for other furniture.

Tip 4: The right features
reclining leather sectionals
Reclining leather sectionals

There are many features available for leather sectionals and it depends on your preferences which features you consider necessary. You can, for example, get leather sectionals with recliners. Leather reclining sectionals are sectionals where one part is a reclining sofa. This is a great option if you want to sit with everyone else while still enjoying the comfort of leather recliners. Some models even have heating and massage options for the ultimate relaxation, a center console with cup-holders, drop-down tables or extra storage room inside the center console or sofa’s arms to store your remote controls or other important items. If you have overnight guests on a regular basis, check for sectionals that can be converted into sleeper sofas.

The height of the back can also be important. We would recommend that in general older people should look for leather sectionals with higher backs, because sitting in sectionals with lower backs can be exhausting over the time.

Tip 5: Give your living room a personal touch

To make your living room unique add individual decoration. You can, for example, spice a plain leather sectional up with colorful pillows. Pictures and personal pieces will also help transforming your living room into a special place. Do not overdo it though. From time to time change the decorative elements to create a new atmosphere.

Bonus tip: Where to look for cheap leather sectionals

Since leather sectionals can be quite expensive it is always good to look for cheap offerings. Leather sectionals for sale can often be found online on sites like Wayfair.com or Costco.com. Also Amazon and Ebay often have leather sectionals for sale. You can also visit your local furniture store and check for special offers there. However, the selection of furniture is usually limited in these stores.

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