All you need to know about leather couches

Leather is en vogue again. So if you are planning on buying a new sofa for your home or office you definitely should take a leather couch into consideration. leather furniture adds an elegant touch to every room and stands out with its durability. Leather couches are available in a wide variety of styles, materials and colors so it is best to do a little research before you visit your local furniture store or shop online. In this article we will provide you with all necessary information to pick the best leather couch for your needs.

Topics in this article:

Regardless of whether you are looking for a loveseat, sleeper sofa, reclining sofa or leather sectionals, leather couches are available in all kind of styles and colors. Therefore, it should not be a problem to find a leather couch that perfectly fits into the existing décor of your living room, guest room or office. While leather couches are usually a bit more expensive than sofas with fabric upholstery, the additional cost definitely pays off over time. Leather is very durable and ages well with time. With the right care leather couches will last for years to come. Since leather is warm in winter and cold in the summer it is also the best choice for all seasons.

sectional leather couches
Sectional leather couches

Leather furniture production process

The production of leather furniture is an art of its own. High quality leather couches are handmade and can consist of over 200 individual leather pieces. Each piece goes through an ancient process known as tanning, which transforms cowhide into soft, supple leather. The way the pieces are sewed together affects the appearance and design of the leather sofa. It is, for example, quite popular nowadays to use seams in different colors than the leather itself.

Characteristics of leather

As a natural product leather has a lot of positive characteristics. Leather couches are durable and relatively easy to clean and maintain making them a perfect piece of furniture for families and households with pets. Leather changes with time due to its exposure to light and the sun. Through this process leather couches acquire a so-called patina, or soft sheen appearance, which is considered attractive and desirable by most people. Many regard leather as cold, which is a misconception tough. Leather adjusts to the body temperature within seconds.

The different types of leather

This section presents the most common types of leather used for leather furniture. They differ in appearance, durability and price.

aniline leather couches
Aniline leather couches

Aniline Leather. A leather couch or leather sofa bed with aniline leather is usually more expensive since aniline leather is top grain leather with a high quality that shows all of nature’s beauty marks. The leather has been dyed all the way through. It is very soft and pliable. It is, however, quite sensitive, since it is not protected and water or moisture can sink in easily and darken the surface.

Nubuck Leather. Nubuck is rough leather that is quite durable. However, it is also very sensitive and can bleach out quickly if exposed to light. It is buffed on the outer side and feels warm and soft.

Pigmented or Painted Leather. This type of leather is widely used in the furniture industry to produce leather sectional couches, leather recliners or sleeper sofas. It is quite cheap, however, less breathable and less resistant to wear. It has a uniform appearance and feels colder because of the finishing agent that is applied to the leather. You rather want to place it in a guest room than use it on a regular basis.

Colors and styles of leather couches
red leather couch
Red contemporary leather couch

When people hear the word “leather couch” they most likely think of a brown leather sofa. However, leather couches come in a variety of colors. Apart from brown leather couches, black leather couches or white leather couches are very popular. However, you can also find a red or blue sofa. In any case, make sure to match the color of your new sofa to the existing décor of the room.

As mentioned earlier leather couches are also available in different styles and sizes. You can get everything from a loveseat to a sectional sleeper sofa made out of leather. Which style and size to choice depends on the size of the area where you want to put it and the specific reason for your purchase, e.g. business couch, home theater recliner or sleeper sofa.

Other things to keep in mind

When you buy a leather couch keep the following things in mind. Always measure the area where you want to put the sofa before you go to the store or shop online. There is nothing more annoying than returning a brand new leather sofa only because it does not fit in the room. If possible buy leather furniture as a set or group to avoid differences in color, texture and imperfections. Some types of leather require more care and maintenance than others so make sure you know how much effort you want to invest. Also set a budget and stick to it. It is quite easy to get overwhelmed once you are in the store and you can quickly end up paying more than initially planned.

Since leather couches can be quite expensive it is always good to look for cheap leather couches or leather couches for sale. A lot of online shops, for example, offer special discounts from time to time, and so do Ebay or Amazon. Also ask your local furniture store if they have special promotions.

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