The blue sofa guide

It might seem a little odd to write a whole article about a blue sofa but we think this beautiful piece of furniture deserves it. Hopefully at the end of this article you will understand our excitement and might even consider buying one. We will talk about different styles and materials and give you tips on how to decorate a blue sofa.

Topics in this article:

If placed and decorated right, a blue sofa can become the centerpiece of your living room. The color blue signals calmness and trust. Since blue sofas are available in all kind of styles, sizes and materials it should be quite easy to find the perfect blue sofa for your needs. Nevertheless, there are some things to consider before you purchase a blue sofa and this article will provide you with all necessary information to make the right choice.

Dark blue, navy blue and light blue
teal blue sofa
Teal blue sofa

When it comes to blue sofas the most common ones are a dark blue sofa, navy blue sofa or light blue sofa. Dug egg blue is also very popular. Each blue is different and creates a different atmosphere in your room. Which blue to choose depends on the existing décor of your room and your living situation. If you have kids or pets you should rather go for a darker color, so stains and dirt do not stand out. Blue compliments many colors, so it can be integrated easily into any interior design. It goes very well with muted natural tones but be careful not to create too much of a cold feel.

Different styles and materials
gordon tufted blue loveseat
Gordon tufted blue loveseat

Whether you are looking for a loveseat, blue sectional sofa, sleeper sofa, sectional sleeper sofa or leather recliners, a blue sofa is available in all sizes and styles. To determine which size and style is best for you consider what purpose your sofa will mainly serve. Should it be places in the living room or home office? Do you want to use it as an alternative to a regular bed? Or will it be mainly used to entertain guests and watch TV with the whole family or a bunch of friends? Furthermore, measure the space where you want to put it and make sure the measures match those of the sofa. There should still be enough space to navigate.

You can also choose from a variety of materials. You can find a blue sofa in almost every fabric you can imagine. A blue velvet sofa is quite popular, especially a chesterfield sofa, and so is a blue leather sofa. However, both velvet and leather couches are usually expensive so if you are on a tight budget look for less expensive fabrics like microfiber. A microfiber sofa might not be as durable as a leather couch tough.

How to decorate a blue sofa
sofa pillows
Sofa pillows

When it comes to decorating try to stay focused and do not overdo it. We would recommend keeping the surroundings lively and colored. You can, for example, go with a blue and white theme and buy white furnishings with a bit of color in it complementing the sofa. Since blue can feel cold it is a good idea to add warm lightning to make the room more welcoming. Also, try to experiment with different and stylish accents placed around the blue sofa. Make sure that the color of the accents matches the blue of the sofa. A dark blue sofa pairs quite well with neutral pieces.

Quick tips for choosing the right blue sofa

Here are five quick tips to consider before you buy a blue sofa.

  1. Consider size first. You really want to make sure that there is enough space in your room for the sofa. It is no fun at all to return a sofa only because it did not fit.
  2. Decide how the sofa will be oriented. Analyze your lifestyle and determine what the sofa will be used for most.
  3. Determine which shape will suit the room best. Shapes include L-shape, U-shape or curved.
  4. Find the right upholstery material. As mentioned earlier the fabric depends on you living situation and budget.
  5. Pick a style that complements your room. Use your instinct and knowledge about your personal style to find a sofa that will fit naturally in your home.

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